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About the Author
Mr.C.DHAKACHINA MOORTHY is in the IT field from 1991 onwards and have leaded many domestic and abroad projects.


  • More than 25 years of software Development experience

  • Small Business to enterprise solution Provider
  • 100% error free software
  • BSNL, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola US and UK Based Clients

  • Advanced Technology to manage Business from any remote location


    About us
    We are a leading software development company with 20 years of software development background. Our client base is available in both domestic and International level.

    Job Consultancy
    We've recently started Job Consultancy services to supply skilled man power to the leading IT companies. The specialty of our Job consultancy is that we supply prescreened candidates to the IT companies. This enables the company to focus on few candidates and choose the best one, in the minimal possible time.

    Programming Contest
    In order to identify the best candidates we are conducting this contest and provide certificates to the candidates. The contest is in 'C' programming language, because a good C programmer can be training in any advanced programming languages very quickly. The contest duration is 1 hour. The candidate will be presented with different levels of programs, which are picked from different real time scenarios in mind.

    Automatic Code Testing Online
    The primary advantage of this contest is that, your code will be evaluated then and then and you will be presented with the results of your programming execution. Once if the program is successful, only then you will be presented with the next question. This will be carried out until you complete 10 questions or 60 minutes time elapsed.

    Manual Code Review and Certification
    Manual Code Review and Certification Only the candidates who completed successfully at least one program, will be evaluated by our expert team, if they are valid solutions for the given program. Based on the number of questions completed certificate will be issued with different ratings.

    Certificate Ratings
    Based on the number of programs successfully completed, the candidate will be issued with the certificate as per the rankings specified in the following table:

    No.Of Programs Completed in 60 minutes Ranking
    1 Good Programmer
    2 Better Programmer
    3 Best Programmer
    4 to 6 Excellent Programmer
    7 to 9 Fast Programmer
    10 Expert Programmer

    Advise for the Students
    Are you studying Diploma or Degree? We encourage you to attend this contest, just to know your present skill level. Don't fear whether you can pass the contest or not. It is ok even if you can complete at least one program. But we assure you it will give you great confidence and throw light on the areas in which you find difficult.

    Contest Programs Training
    We are also conducting training course to give you a chance to learn and win the contest. Kindly visit Contest Programs Training page for further details.

    We are able to identify the following skillsets out of this contest:

    • English Comprehension skill (to understand the client's requirements specifications).
    • Ability to think right logic for the given problem.
    • Ability to type the coding at a faster rate.
    • Execute, debug and rectify the code at a faster pace.
    • Perseverance until finding the successful results.
    • Ability to learn the new technologies.

    Best Wishes.